Q. What is The BuzzBug?

A. The BuzzBug is one spot where you can keep up-to-date with all your favorite celebrities’ social media posts. Find out more about The BuzzBug, here.

Q. Why should I register?

A. Registered users have the ability to use the *Lists* function.

Q. What is a List?

A. Lists enable you to create your very own, personalized list of celebs to follow. You can create as many lists as you’d like with however many celebs in each one.

Some list suggestions:
PLL night? Create a list with all the girls and see what they post all on one page!
Obsessed with 5SOS? Not only can you follow their main account, but add their individual accounts to one list to keep up-to-date and ensure you’re the ultimate #5SOSFam!
Taylor/Calvin; Gigi/Zayn: Is your fave couple heating up on social media? Combine the two to a list and don’t miss any of their social PDA.

Q. What is the difference between Feed view and Grid view?

A. Feed View: If you prefer a more organized look, this is the view for you! Each celebrity page will have all the different social media posts, but they will be separated by media.

Grid View: If you would like to see all the different social media posts organized in chronological order, this is the view for you!

Q.  How can I change the way I view the posts?

A. You have the ability to switch from the default Feed view option to the Grid view option. This button is located to the right of the celebrity’s profile picture.

Q. What is a Buzzlist?

A. A Buzzlist is a suggested, public list that you can click on from the homepage. You can even add a Buzzlist to your own personal List too!

Q. HELP! I don’t see my favorite celebrity.

A. Email all your celebrity suggestions, here.

Q. How can I get updates of your site sent to my email?

A. Subscribe to The BuzzBug Newsletter.

Q. I’m an advertiser- How do I advertise on your site?

A. You can start by contacting us, here.